Our clients appreciate our commitment to outstanding customer service and we could not do it without a superior team of employees. Our team is a group of talented individuals who bring years of debt recovery and property management experience to CDR. These custom solution experts specialize in customer service, research, landlord tenant laws, employment laws, government regulations, and debt recovery.

The CDR Collections Department

Our debt recovery experts are required to have at least 5 years experience in debt collections and to be a certified collector.  CDR is committed to ongoing education and training to keep our staff updated on the latest property management legalities, collection guidelines and laws.  Each member is updated and abides by all FDCPA, FCRA regulations.  They are a cohesive group of professionals sharing the highest of standards and a drive for success.

The CDR Legal team

Our legal team consists of a fully staffed legal department, including an in-house attorney.  We will file suit and garnish the wages, bank accounts, or seize assets of debtors when necessary to enforce the collection.  Our legal department prides itself in its success and takes full advantage of the laws that assist creditors in collecting debt.

The CDR Sales & Service Team

Our sales and service team are ready and willing to assist our clients with their needs. As a CDR client, an Account Executive will be assigned to your account and will call or visit your community on a regular basis, or as you require, to ensure that your needs and expectations are being met.

The CDR Management Team

Our management team is a dedicated group of professionals who bring over 50 years of combined property management industry experience to the company.  They share a vision and maintain the highest levels of integrity and trust and lead an exceptional team of employees.